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READ FIRST: Airsoft Hawkes Bay Forum Rules
« on: May 04, 2010, 11:18:11 am »
There's a simple set of rules for these forums, these rules will be updated and added to as we see fit. So check back here on a regular basis. This is not rocket science people, we expect you to follow the rules and behave. If you fail to do so, we will ban you without notice and you are no longer welcome. This is your first, last and only warning.

1 - After registering, your first post better be in the introduction thread.

2 - Be civil and treat others as you would like them to treat you. Don't hide behind your computer screen.

3 - This is not a forum for politics, leave it at the door.

4 - Don't be a troll, we don't like banning people(no really, we don't) but we will if you screw up.

5 - Keep the illegal downloading discussion somewhere else, we don't want any of it here.

6 - If an Administrator or Moderator decides to hammer down on you for violations of the rules, don't argue about it. Take it like a man and move on.

7 - Don't argue about, or try to push your own interpretation of the rules. WE set the rules, YOU follow them. Period.

8 - Before you post something ask yourself the question "does this contribute to the thread, or am I just doing this because I like to read what I write?". Don't be a post whore and don't spam threads with useless bull[sand].

9 - Your signature can be no longer than 2 rows and cannot contain pictures.

10 - No tunnel-quoting and no quoting of the post above yours.

11 - You may color your text when you are trying to emphasize something. (only certain words and not the text as a whole.)

12 - We speak English here, nothing else.

13 - There is a sale board, use it at your own risk. Airsoft Hawkes Bay does not assume responsibility for anything sold or listed there.

14 - Don't claim to be "High Speed Low Drag" if you're not.

In addition to the above listed rules, we might very well post specific rule sets for different forums if we feel there is a need for it.
With all the unpleasant stuff out of the way, get out there and contribute, but keep the rules in the back of your head. There's no second chance.
If you're out, you're out.
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