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AHB OPEN GAME 27th June 2021
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 OPEN GAME SUNDAY 27th June 2021
Open games are games where you can invite your friends, colleagues, or for new players who can try out the sport. Its a great opportunity to see what we're all about and have some fun while doing so.
WHEN: 9:30am
WHAT TO BRING: Yourself, a Friend, Food and Drink, Airsoft guns and gear.
HOW MUCH: First time – Free
                        Second time at an open game or more - $10 Field Fee ( Club Member Discounts will apply)
CLUB GUNS: Please let us know as soon as possible if you need a club gun and we’ll reserve one for you. Will also come with 1 Hi-cap Magazine full if BB's. We ask for a small donation of $25 to help cover the maintenance of the guns.
EYE PROTECTION: We have several types of eye protection / full face protection available to use. Whereas there is no charge/fee for eye pro, please let us know early so we can ensure that its available.
BBs: We have bags of 4000 0.25g BBs available. $25 per bag (Club Member Discounts will apply)
Let’s us know if you would like to attend either commenting on this post or sending us a message directly on our Facebook page.
We will also be hanging around after the day for a catch-up so feel free to join us for a drink or two and get to know us.
See you out on the feild.
God will jugde our enemies - I'll arrange the meeting.
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